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Home ownership doesn’t have to be a dream...Make it a reality with Jubilee Homes.  

We are your source for home ownership, credit analysis & rebuilding, budgeting, home buyer  education, and pre-approval and mortgage application assistance. 


Unlike other housing developers whose involvement with the home buyer ends at the time of sale, Jubilee has made a lifetime commitment to the neighborhood and a lifetime commitment to our home buyers. Potential homebuyers are nurtured through the process, and the relationship continues after the sale. We offer post-purchase assistance through our home maintenance & repair program and foreclosure prevention. From the agency's onset, Jubilee was determined to be more than a housing developer.

Potential Homebuyers should have:

 A credit score of at least 640+

 Employment for a least 18-24 months

 Have a monthly income of at least $1,700 with minimal debt

 No collections or judgments

 3% for down payment (This depends on amount of loan)

 Taken the homebuyers education classes within one year of        applying for a mortgage.

Home Buyer Education

Jubilee Homes provides free seminars for 1st time homebuyers.  These seminars will go over the Jubilee Homes home buying process, subsidy and bank grants, available bank products & rates, renting vs buying, credit worthiness, home maintenance and much more.

Alternative Homeownership Program Qualifications: 

  1.  Must be a 1st-time homebuyer 

  2. Currently enrolled or prepared to enroll in a 1st homebuyers club program or prepared to enroll (Programs typically run for a minimum of 10 months and  max of 24 months)

  3. Must have been employed or have approved source of income for at least 2 years (Exception may be made on a case by case basis)

  4. Have a gross income of at least $1,500 a month with minimal debt

  5. Be in good standing with current landlord with rent and maintenance  of property being rented

  6. Attend at least one, 4-week session of Jubilee Homes’ or agency approved Home Maintenance & Repair Program

  7. Able to meet at least once a month with a dedicated staff member to review credit report (if credit rebuilding is a factor), budget and savings plan


      For more information about our housing programs, call



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Maintenance and Repair Program

Upcoming Workshops:

Please check back for updates on upcoming workshops. 

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