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Connect the Corridors Bus Tour 2024

Entrepreneurship Workshop 2024

Spring Job Fair 2024

Home Maintenance Workshop 2024

TimBuktu African Imports Farewell

Fall Job Fair 2023

Urban Delights Tree Planting on
Syracuse's West Side


"Teenagers in Paris" Paint & Sip

Home Maintenance Workshop

Micron Info Session & Luncheon

R&B Brunch 2023

2023 Fundraiser Dinner

2023 Entrepreneurship Class

2023 Syracuse Bakers Expo

Job Fair 2022

Feed The Children Giveaway 2022

New Single-Family Homes on MLK West

Jubilee Homes of Syracuse completes construction of two single-family homes

Career Fair 2/28/2020

SWCLF & Urban Delights

Kristina D. Kirby Pavilion

Community Day 10/22/2020

Community Day 04/24/2021