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  • Madea Holman

CNY Organizations Helping Inner-City Kids Learn More About Farming

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SYRACUSE N.Y. -- Local organizations are helping inner-city children gain some valuable experience with producing and selling agriculture.

Jubilee Homes of Syracuse is partnering with the Cornell Cooperative Extension to expand their Urban Delights Project. Students help plan, design and cultivate the farm during after-school and summer employment programs.

The project's goal is to grow fresh produce and improve the quality and use of vacant land. But, officials say this program goes beyond the farming itself.

"It's great to see the development with them to know that okay I planted this, I took care of it, I watered it, I harvested it, and now I'm going to sell it. They really have taken ownership and are really proud of the things that they have been able to accomplish at the garden,” said Kristina Kirby, the Urban Delights program coordinator.

It also gives organizers a chance to teach other community members about growing practices.

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