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  • Madea Holman

Syracuse Youth Bring Urban Delights Farm Stand to Downtown Farmers Market

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Youth ranging from 15 to 21 years-old operate the stand as a summer job. They’re hired through Central New York Works or Jubilee Homes to garden and sell their crops around Syracuse.  19-year-old Karisa Kirby is one of ten workers who not only gain work experience, but also educate CNY’s youth about organic produce.

“We have got a lot of kids that come and they have never touched soil in their life.  They’re like, ‘What’s a compost?’” Kirby said. “One thing they know about is maybe collard greens but a lot of the vegetables they really don’t know anything about.”   

Some young adults such as Ira Dancil started this program with no gardening experience.  But he and others now know what it takes to grow fruits and vegetables.

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